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As the year comes to a close, you should take this time to assess your oral health and determine if there are any ailments you may be suffering from. In particular, it is important to check if any conditions have arisen that you are not aware of, including issues with your oral health while you sleep. A common but potentially severe oral health condition that can arise while you sleep is known as bruxism.

Bruxism occurs when you unconsciously grind your teeth. If you are suffering from any sort of teeth grinding or clenching, specifically when you’re asleep, it can lead to numerous oral health ailments. One of the first keys to bruxism is dental damage that occurs without any reasonable explanation. If you ever wake up with pains or sores in your mouth or experience visual damage, you may be suffering from bruxism.

If bruxism is occurring, it is important to always look for the signs and symptoms that you are unconsciously grinding your teeth. If you have any loved ones or roommates that can monitor you while you sleep, they may be able to determine if you’re grinding your teeth. As an alternative, carefully inspect your teeth and gums every morning when you wake up and look for various symptoms including indentations on your tongue, cheek tissue damage, and damaged teeth.

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