Pediatric Sealants Offered By Peter Roukema Dentist

Peter Roukema dentist and his partner Jonathan R. Phipps offer dental treatment that is based on trust, care and affordability. They want to make sure that their patients receive the best possible care for their teeth. Sunridge Dental, their practice, looks after patients in Albuquerque, Grants, Rio Rancho and Los Lunas, effectively servicing a huge community. The backbone of any community is its children. They are the future and they need particular attention. By focusing on pediatric care, they ensure that the next generation of people has excellent dental hygiene. One of the services they offer in terms of pediatric care is sealants, which are vital in ensuring children have great adult teeth as well.

Pediatric Sealants

By using sealants, teeth are protected against tooth decay as well as the formation of cavities. They are used mainly on the molars (the back teeth). These teeth tend to be particularly vulnerable to decay and cavities due to the fact that they are used when you chew. Hence, they are exposed to various contaminants that can cause tooth problems. Additionally, because they are at the back, they are harder to reach and properly clean. Children first get their molars when they are between the ages of five and seven. They change these for their permanent adult versions between the ages of 11 and 14. Peter Roukema dentists believes that it is best to have a sealant placed when the very first molars come in, thereby giving them immediate protection.

How Sealants Are Applied

When a sealant is applied, Peter Roukema will first place a little bit of adhesive on the molar. The sealant, which is a liquid, is then placed on top of this. Because of the way it works, it is as if the tooth is actually painted, rather than looking and feeling as if there is actually something on it. The liquid almost instantly hardens, creating an effective barrier against the various problems that can cause decay in teeth. This includes bacteria, food particles and plaque. A sealant will remain in place for about a decade, and they can easily be reapplied if needed.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have excellent dental care for children. If they don’t learn how to look after their teeth from an early age, they will have tremendous problems in later life. Regular maintenance of dental hygiene and teeth is not a costly affair. However, fixing real problems that have been left to develop is, which is an absolute waste, particularly when it is so easy to avoid these. Children are not born with a fear of the dentist. Rather, it is something they develop because they don’t go and because their parents have this fear. This is something that can easily be avoided by simply taking your children to a dentist from an early age. Because this will stop them from having real problems as well, they will never have to undergo a painful procedure either, which is a bonus.