Peter Roukema Dentist In Albuquerque

Dr. Peter Roukema, DMD

Finding a good dentist is a big deal. Since most people don’t like going to the dentist, finding one that makes you feel at ease is very important. Psychologists agree that one way to do so is by finding one with whom you feel you can have a personal relationship. If this sounds like it could be good for you, then look no further than Peter Roukema dentist in Albuquerque. He has taken the time to share his story with his patients, which many people find beneficial in terms of building that personal relationship. Suddenly, Peter Roukema is no longer this person of authority with a white coat who is intimidating and a bit scary, but rather someone who is just another person. So what is his story?

The Story of Peter Roukema Dentist in Albuquerque

Peter Roukema grew up in Colorado. He studied chemistry at the University of Northern Colorado and then went on to dental school. When he graduated, he went to the University of New Mexico to gain further dental skills, which is when he moved to Albuquerque. He lost his heart there and has remained in the city since.

For Peter Roukema, building up close relationships based on trust with each of his patients is of vital importance. He understands that this is the only way for patients to actually be committed to their regular checkups and overall dental health. As such, he treats every patient as an individual and works out treatment plans together, rather than enforcing his opinion. He is fully qualified to offer all the main dental procedures, from fillings and cleaning to dental implants, reconstruction, dentures, root canals and extractions.

Dr. Roukema is more than a dentist, however. He is also a regular human being and outstanding member of his community. He spends all of his free time enjoying the great outdoors with his wife and three children. Additionally, he has various professional memberships to demonstrate his commitment to professional education and to remaining up to date with the latest developments in the field of dentistry. In doing so, he hopes to show his patients that he is a knowledgeable and experienced dentist, but also a human being who is approachable and friendly.

Why Visit Peter Roukema

If you are looking for an Albuquerque, then Dr. Roukema should really be your first choice. His patients are full of praise for his friendly approach to dental procedures. Indeed, the vast majority of his patients do come for their regular checkups and enjoy outstanding dental health. As such, it seems that the dentist is able to achieve his goals of helping people have the best dental health possible. Take your time to look into the services that Peter Roukema and the rest of his practice offer, and look into testimonials from some of the practice’s patients as well. You will quickly see that this is the dental practice to go to. This is particularly true if you have a fear of going to the dentist.