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3 Things To Know About Teeth Whitening

Having your teeth professionally whitened can do wonders for your smile, confidence and self-esteem. If you’re still on the fence about this general dentistry service in Albuquerque, here’s three things you need to know:

Why aren’t my teeth as white anymore?

The American Dental Association says many things can cause your teeth to discolor, including certain foods and drinks. Other common culprits are smoking or chewing tobacco, age, mouth trauma and even certain medications, such as high blood pressure medicines and some antihistamines.

What are common whitening methods?

There are at-home whitening toothpastes available, but these do not actually make your tooth color change. These toothpastes contain mild abrasives and other additives that remove surface stains which could be making your teeth appear discolored or spotted.

At-home whitening kits that contain peroxide do change your tooth color, as the peroxide has a natural bleaching effect. Some of these products come as trays that you place your teeth in, while others use a strip that sticks to your teeth instead. However, at-home whitening kits are not as strong as what your dentist in Albuquerque uses to brighten your smile.

Whitening in a dentist’s office involves the use of a stronger bleaching agent than what is found in at-home products. Known as chairside bleaching, this usually only calls for one office visit or your dentist will provide an at home regimen. Your dentist will use a rubber shield or special gel to protect your gums, and then he or she applies the bleaching agent to your teeth. Some dentists even offer enamel micro-abrasion in combination with the whitening service. This technique removals a small layer of stained enamel and can get rid of deeper discoloration and spots that whitening alone can’t.

What are the side effects?

Teeth whitening is considered very safe. The most common complaint is tooth sensitivity after the treatment, which is often due to peroxide getting to the soft dentin layer and hitting a tooth nerve. In most cases, the sensitivity is only temporary, and you can try again once it subsides.

Too much whitener use can damage your gums or enamel, which is why you may want to consider going to an affordable dental practice in Albuquerque instead of doing it all yourself. Under a dentist’s supervision, you will likely see better results and are at much less risk of overuse.

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