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5 Signs You Need A Dentist

While it’s important that you see a dentist for regular checkups regardless of how your teeth and mouth may feel, those checkups shouldn’t always be the first opportunity you have to find out about a dental problem. If you experience any signs and symptoms of these five common dental ailments, it’s time to schedule an appointment – whether you have a check up on the horizon or not.

  1. Pain – Tooth pain isn’t the only indicator that a dentist visit would be a good idea – any pain in your mouth, face, neck, jaw, or head could stem from a dental problem. Teeth pressing against one another, misalignment, cavities, and other problems can all cause pain throughout your head either directly or as a referred pain.
  2. Sores – While not all sores in your mouth or throat necessarily stem from dental issues, it’s a very good idea to see a dentist and rule out the possibility. Even if the source is ultimately elsewhere, a dentist is a good place to learn how to care for such sores and maintain oral hygiene despite the problem.
  3. Bad breath – Chronic bad breath is not always indicative of anything too serious, but it’s something you ought to investigate nonetheless. It may be a symptom of a worse problem in your mouth or throat – and if not, your dentist may be able to help you resolve the problem.
  4. Odd tastes – Metallic tastes, dryness, and other strange tastes and feelings in your mouth can all indicate problems such as gum disease, cavities, infections, and other problems. It could be nothing, but if it’s not, you’ll be glad you caught it quickly.
  5. Sensitivity – Excessive sensitivity to heat, cold, or anything else which arises out of the blue should lead you straight to the dentist to find out why. This is frequently a sign of cavities, and can indicate a number of other dental problems as well, so don’t ignore it!

As you can see, not every dental problem is as obvious as a sore tooth; nor is the extent of damage limited to your mouth. Gum disease or an infected tooth can impact the rest of your health in serious ways in both the short and long term. To keep a healthy mouth and body, take these symptoms seriously – you’ll be glad you did. If you’re looking for an affordable dental practice in Albuquerque, then look no further – Sunridge Dental Care is your solution! Give us a call today!

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