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Create A Life Changing Smile With ABQ Dentist And Dental

Not all people are lucky enough to have a great set of pearly whites when they smile. The reasons can differ from person to person. Most of the time it is genetic inheritance that define your smile. Ultimately it is oral hygiene that alters your smile. For all the people who are not lucky enough to be born with a brilliant smile, ABQ Dentist and Dental have great solutions for imperfect teeth. With a wide range of dental techniques they can transform any smile and give your self-image a boost.

Why We Do Not Like Our Smiles

A smile can have a great impact on your appearance and sometimes it just happens that we do not like our smiles. The prominent reason is your teeth. Teeth can be misaligned from genetic inheritance or accidents that affected your dental care. Another problem often seen at ABQ Dentist and Dental is dull and stained teeth. Again there is a multitude of reason ranging from minerals in drinking water to smoking and bad oral hygiene. Overconsumption of sugar and sugary soft drinks plays a large role in tooth discoloration. It is not uncommon to seek dental cosmetic procedures to correct, but it is important to attend to the underlying problem as well. If you have dental procedures, but do not care properly of your teeth, all the procedures could be in vain.

Old School Versus New School

In all honesty, many of our teeth problems we are facing today may have been due to outdated medical procedures. Not so many years ago, cosmetic dental procedure was limited to pure medical reasons. The procedures performed used instruments and techniques that eventually did more harm than good. If you had bad teeth, it was standard practice to remove all your teeth and replace it with dentures. If you were lucky, only a few fillings were required. These fillings often contained chemicals that are harmful to your teeth. In recent years these techniques became more advanced as seen at ABQ Dentist and Dental. The stigma associated to cosmetic procedures was eventually out phased and more people turned to these procedures to correct past inadequacies.

How To Create An Instant White Smile

A cosmetic dental procedure that is becoming more popular is veneers. Veneers are adhesive porcelain covers for your teeth. At ABQ Dentist and Dental this technique is so advanced, you can have it done in your lunch hour. It is the easiest way to create instant white teeth. The patient simply enters the office, have veneers fitted and leave afterwards. You can also opt for a chemical treatment that whitens your teeth. Teeth whitening are a cost-effective way to lighten your teeth a few shades. If your only problem is a discoloration due to minerals or buildups, polishing your teeth will show results over a longer period of time. Always remember that the initial cause of discoloration will also cause discoloration on your new set of teeth if you do not attend to the cause. Dental procedures can be a worthwhile investment, but it is up to you to keep your investment shiny and white.

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