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How To Help Your Child Like The Dentist

It’s normal to be scared of what we aren’t familiar with, and that’s often what’s behind a child’s fear of visiting the dentist. They are strange looking people, with bright lights and funny-looking instruments that want to look and probe inside our mouths.  And, of course, the child may fear that it will hurt.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. With a few simple steps, you can make the dentist’s office a safe and peaceful place – and even a place that is fun! Here are just a few ways to ease your child’s mind when going into the dentists:

Get them to the dentist early: Start as early as possible with visits to a family dentist in Albuquerque. The earlier you start, the sooner your child can get to know the dentist that will help take care of his or her teeth. The first few visits may not last long, but they will give you the chance to ask questions about brushing, flossing and other dental care needs your little one has.

Take them with you: If your child isn’t sure what to expect from the dentist, have him or her tag along with you to one of your own appointments. Children are extremely impressionable. If they are able to watch you handle a cleaning or filling with ease, they will have a much easier time when it’s their turn.

Read about dentists: There are plenty of children’s books about visiting the dentist – some involving their favorite characters. Read as much as possible to help them become familiar with what to expect when seeing a dentist in Albuquerque so they are more at ease.

Don’t wait for cavities: Children should see a family dentist at least once every six months for a checkup and cleaning. Don’t skip these important visits or wait until there’s a dental emergency before you make an appointment. If you do, your child might associate his or her dentist with pain.

Consider their comfort: Talk to your dentist and see if your child can bring his or her favorite stuffed animal or blanket. For most procedures, this will often be allowed and will help soothe your child while they get a filling or have their teeth cleaned. Talk to your child throughout the visit and try to joke and laugh as much as possible. This can help them relax and feel more comfortable, even in an unfamiliar place.

At Sunridge Dental Care, we strive to provide a safe and fun atmosphere where children feel comfortable around dentists and feel safe to be in a place where kids can be kids! Reach out to us today to schedule your child’s dental examination!

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