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How Implants Can Change Your Smile

A beautiful smile has a way of boosting self-confidence. Of course, very few people are born with a perfect smile and, over time, a person such as yourself might experience changes in your oral care that require major dental surgery. Perhaps you suffered sudden trauma to a tooth and it cannot be saved. Maybe some teeth are simply misshapen or have become frail.

While you generally have a set of baby teeth and one set of adult teeth (there are some people who actually only have baby teeth in certain areas of their mouth), it doesn’t mean you are unable to improve upon imperfections. With dental implants, you can still have the perfect, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, no matter your age or the current state of your teeth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are replica teeth, inserted into your mouth to replace current (or former) teeth. There are some other options out there, including crowns and bridges, but dental implants are more secure, sturdy and long lasting. Depending on the teeth in question and what both you and our staff believe is best, each tooth may have an individual, artificial root inserted into your gums, similar to a normal tooth (essentially an anchor to prevent the implant from moving), or if you need multiple teeth removed and replaced at the same time, the implants may consist of two anchors for an entire row of teeth. Generally, individual implants are recommended for front facing teeth, in order to maintain an authentic spacing, while side teeth may consist of grouped teeth. No matter the amount, dental implants give you the opportunity to have a beautiful smile, whatever has occurred in your past.

Sunridge Dental Care specializes in dental implants!

At Sunridge Dental Care, we specialize in dental hygiene, oral care and dental implants. We’re your affordable dental practice in Albuquerque. It is our goal is to not only help you maintain a beautiful smile, but to ensure your mouth is healthy. This may include implant sensitivity or teeth that have splintered due to a sudden impact (such as a ball striking your mouth during an athletic activity). If you are considering dental implants, or if you have questions, feel free to give us a call and we will answer every question or concern you might have about the procedure.

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