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What Your Teeth & Facial Pain Might Mean

Both your dental and general health are our top priority, which is why at Sunridge Dental Care we urge you to always seek medical attention if you experience recurring or continuous teeth or facial pain. Physical pain is part of the body’s warning system telling you that you might have a health problem that can have a sudden or long-term negative impact on your life.


The most common cause of pain in the mouth or face is from damage to one or more teeth. You might have tooth decay that has reached the pulp of the tooth exposing the nerves and leaving them inflamed and irritated. A cracked tooth is another possibility. A small exterior crack can hide a much bigger one within a tooth.


A dental abscess, sinus or other infection causes pain for different reasons. With a tooth abscess, an infection in the tooth fills it with bacteria-laden pus. Pain results from pressure and nerve inflammation and irritation. With a gum abscess, the infection forms between the tooth and gums. Infections that start in the sinuses extend outward causing facial and oral inflammation that may also be felt in the upper teeth.


People who grind and clench their teeth eventually experience tooth damage. Many people unknowingly perform this action when angry or frustrated. An uneven bite caused by improperly aligned teeth or a tilted jaw can also cause bruxism. If this is the source of your pain, you might need orthodontic treatment or merely a night guard to reposition the jaw to take pressure off the teeth and relax muscles that can tighten and exacerbate the condition.

TMJ pain and other problems

Sometimes, teeth and facial pain point to a much larger problem with your health. For example, you might have deterioration in one or both temporomandibular joints of the jaw, also known as TMJ pain. Facial pain can also be a symptom of disorders that cause tightening of the neck and shoulder muscles. In rare cases, nerve compression and damage, cancer and brain tumors can also cause various types of pain in the mouth and face. Our experienced dentists can help rule out the more easily recognized causes when we check your teeth over.

Our dental team performs thorough exams for children and adults out of our affordable dental practice in Albuquerque. We also provide emergency same-day treatment services, including sedative fillings, teeth extractions and root canals. Call us today to discuss your pain and schedule an appointment or simply visit our office. We look forward to seeing you at Sunridge Dental Care soon!

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