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Warning Signs You Ignore When Time To Visit Albuquerque Dental

The world sometimes views dentists in a different way than they do other doctors. Many patients believe that even though they have not practiced good oral hygiene that they will be just fine. Even though you don’t have any pain, it does not mean that you’re not suffering any damage. The truth of the matter is that dentists know full well if you’ve been brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis. Here are a few other things you might be surprised to find out that your dentist already knows on your next visit to Albuquerque Dental.

You Really Don’t Understand the Risks

There are many highly educated people that are deceiving themselves into thinking that if they don’t experience pain anywhere in their mouths that there’s nothing wrong. Many dentists are quick to point out that there are many things that don’t cause pain but can be very detrimental to your health. High cholesterol, they say, doesn’t hurt either, but it can lead to major health problems. There are probably pretty clear signs already that you’ve decided to overlook. Bleeding gums is a clear sign that you have periodontal disease. It’s time to schedule an appointment to visit Albuquerque Dental.

Smokers – Don’t Try to Fake It

Many smokers believe that they can cover up their smoky breath with a nice little breath mint before they walk in the office. It doesn’t work. Even if you use mouthwash you’re still not going to get rid of the smell. This is because the smoke, tar, and nicotine has permeated deep into the gum tissue and other tissues surrounding their mouth. Brushing and mouthwash doesn’t go deep enough into the gums to reach the plaque and other buildup that collects. In order to rid yourself of bad breath you need to floss on a daily basis and go to Albuquerque Dental for a cleaning every few months.

Some Mouthwashes Aren’t Good

Make sure that you buy a mouthwash that is alcohol free. Those with alcohol content will dry out the mouth. They may make your breath smell nice and minty for about 30 minutes but after that your breath will smell worse than ever. It is better to check the ingredients on the mouthwash bottle to make sure that it is an alcohol free brand. If you still have problems with bad breath, schedule an appointment with Albuquerque Dental.

Dentists have a very hard job; they’re trying to educate the world on proper medical care and the lessons don’t seem to be sinking in. Warning signs in any other part of our body and we’ll be rushing to the doctor’s office. Many dentists point out that if you went to wash your hands today and they started bleeding as soon as you started you wouldn’t hesitate to get to the doctor. But in the minds of most people, if your gums bleed, that’s normal. Take the best advice you can from Albuquerque Dental. A regular visit to your dentist is essential to not only your oral health but your overall health as well.

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