Root Canals in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Root Canals in Albuquerque, New Mexico

A root canal is an important restorative procedure used to restore smiles and save teeth.

Are you suffering from a toothache? Don’t hesitate to trust your oral health to Sunridge Dental Care. Our experienced dental team performs gentle, safe, and effective root canal treatment to relieve discomfort and give you back your healthy smile.

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What is a Root Canal?

Toothaches are a vivid reminder that teeth aren't just pieces of hard tissue floating around in the gums. They are intricately formed sensory organs with layers of dentin and enamel protecting a living pulp. Coursing through the tooth's pulp is a vital bundle of nerves and blood vessels, providing nutrients and sensation to each tooth. As long as the pulp stays healthy, you're rarely aware of the systems at work.

Tooth pain can be especially alarming, but it's meant to warn you that something's not right. Pain tells us that the bundle of nerves and vessels inside your tooth is irritated, damaged, or under attack.

A deep cavity can give bacteria access to the inner nerve bundle. In some cases, a significant infection, called an abscess, may develop in your jaw without any symptoms at all. If Dr. Peter Roukema and Dr. Kyle Henry determine that the nerve won't recover or if an infection is present, then root canal therapy may be suggested.

Modern anesthetics provide powerful numbing for the gentle removal of the inflamed nerve inside the tooth. The nerve canal undergoes disinfection and careful shaping, and a sealer fills the internal space. A filling or crown over the tooth helps return the tooth to its original function.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

A root canal treatment is a relatively simple, straight-forward, and pain-free procedure. Our team will numb your tooth with a local anesthetic prior to your procedure. Depending on your care needs, we may also recommend dental sedation.

Are Root Canals Safe?

Internet articles continue to circulate claiming adverse health effects from root canals, despite years of research proving otherwise. Many of these claims rest on false theories put forward decades ago without any scientific basis. In fact, one popular Facebook article sounding a false alarm shakily rests on a 100-year-old study tossed aside long ago.

The American Association of Endodontists stays abreast of all research and can support the safety of this vital service. In fact, new techniques and materials make root canal treatment more successful than ever.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes, we accept most major dental insurance plans. We also offer affordable financing through CareCredit and Denefits. Our fees are more affordable than most offices in Albuquerque, and we work hard to help our patients be able to afford the care that they need.

Root Canals

Do You Take Walk-ins?

The team here at Sunridge Dental Care is dedicated to your comfort and convenience. Our doctors welcome new and returning patients on a walk-in basis to address their dental care needs as promptly as possible. Are you suffering from a dental emergency or injury? We also offer same-day emergency appointments as scheduling permits.

Why Choose Sunridge Dental for Root Canals in Albuquerque?

Sunridge Dental Care is passionate about helping our patients enjoy the full benefits of healthy, beautiful smiles. At our practice, we strive every day to build lasting relationships with patients and their families. Our team is proud to offer the latest technology and treatment techniques modern dentistry has to offer at affordable prices that fit your lifestyle and budget.

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Root Canals in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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